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Tips to Draft Your Gift Registry for Your Wedding

Most couples will prepare a gift registry for their wedding. In fact, this can be a really good idea since it can give your guests a rough guide for the gifts they are going to prepare. Your guests will not feel lost when they are planning for your wedding gifts. However, it is not that easy to draft your gift registry. There may be problems if you set up your registry without care. For example, you may get a lot of duplicated gifts if you set it up badly. As a consequence it is better to have some guidelines for you to draft your registry. The followings are some of these guidelines.

Your Preference

First of all you will need to think of your preference when you draft your gift registry. You will certainly want the gifts to be something you like. For example, you may need some new kitchenware at home and then you can put different items of kitchenware on the gift list. On the other hand, you may need some oil paintings to decorate your new home. Then you will put these into the list. You can just put what you really need in your gift registry.

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Your Life Style

You will also need to consider your life style in order to make decisions on what items to put on the gift registry. Take the idea of kitchenware as an example. You may want items designed by famous designers instead of something normal or something that you can commonly find in department stores. In this case you can put exactly the brand name of the items into the list so that you can ensure that you will most probably get what you want.

Visiting the Shops

You will probably start to draft the gift registry by doing researches on the web. In fact the internet is an excellent resource for aiding your decision making process. However, you can never make your decisions merely based on the information you find on the web. It is mainly because the images and photos you see on the web can be retouched images and they may look a lot better than the actual items. As a result, you will take some time to visit the shops and department stores to see the actual products.

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Prices of the Gifts

The prices of the gifts is also a very important issues. A set of Hi-Fi system can be too expensive as a wedding gift if it is going to be prepared by one guest. Of course your guests can try to buy one expensive gift together so that you can get what you want. However, for other guests they may not buy one item together. Due to this reason, it will be unwise to put only a few not-so-expensive items on the gift registry. Your guests may tend to buy this items and as a result you may get a lot of duplicated gifts.

Choices of your Guests

You have to bear in mind that your guest buy you the gift because they would like to bless your marriage. As a result it is not good to control all the gifts you are going to receive. The key is in fact the choices for your guests. You will put different categories of items on the gift registry so that your guest can have more choices.

Gift Registry - Tips, Advice and Ideas

With gift registry, you or someone you know who is having a party or celebration that involves gifts, places items on that list for the guests of the party to buy. A lot of people choose a specific store where they would like their gifts bought from, so they sign up with a gift registry with that company and then hand it out to the guests of the party, so that they know what they could get that person.

To help prevent the guests from buying the same gifts, the gift registry eliminates the items that have already been bought off the list - when buying the items; the guests go to the registry center, so that it can get checked off.

If you are looking for items to place on your gift registry, you should consider a gift basket. There are tons of gift baskets on the market, but none can really compare to one that comes with quality products that help to ease the mind and body. It comes with bath and body lotions and washes that are created with aromatherapy ingredients that help you to relax. Many people buy these for when they have trouble sleeping at night or just need to relax.

With this gift basket, you can place it on the gift registry to let people know that you want it. It is perfect for you or someone else that is throwing a party. Everyone can definitely use a gift basket like this just because of the fact that it offers you and your body so many benefits. A lot of people have already tried using the products contained in these gift baskets and have enjoyed them deeply. Buying it for others only shows how much you care.

If you are looking for quality products that say "excellence", then choose an aromatherapy spa gift to be included in the registry list. You will find that the gift basket comes with top notch items like a plush bath robe, trendy water bottles, deluxe pillow, music relaxation CD, top-selling books, eye mask and other bath and body spa products. It would be like bringing the spa to you. Place it or something similar on your gift registry to see just how good this product really is and get ready for the gift basket indulgence of a lifetime. With all of the stresses in life isn't it about time you got something just for you?

Gift Registries Are Making Gift Giving an Unconscious Gesture - Put Creativity Back Into Gift Giving

There are gift registries for just about every occasion. These registries are turning the great art of gift-giving into an unconscious gesture. They save you time and they save you from having to think about what to get. You just need to run into the store, grab a gift that is on the list, pay for it and be out of the store within 10 minutes or you can take even an easier route by ordering online. The store even wraps the gift for you. Not much thought needs to be exerted. The process also takes away the creativity, thoughtfulness and fun of finding just the right gift that you know will bring a smile to the recipient's face.

We can bring back the art of gift-giving by simply not buying a gift from a registry. The first step is to just look at the registry to get an idea of what is being requested. Then from that point we can make our own list and expand on certain items. For instance, if mixing bowls were listed in the registry use the mixing bowl as the "gift basket" and fill the bowl with all sorts of goodies that were not on the registry list. The items do not have to be kitchen related; they can be anything and everything from bath and body to a night out on the town. Fill the bowl then use clear cello to wrap it up with a big bow.

Creating a "gift basket" using any sort of container can make the most unique gifts. For someone who loves to bake, use a cookie jar and fill it with bath and body lotions. For the sports enthusiast, fill a baseball hat with their favorite candy. Rather than wrapping the gift or putting it into a gift bag, wrap clear cello around it and tie it with a bow.

The ideas are endless. Just put a little thought into what a person likes and you will come up with a unique gift that is sure to bring a smile. The gift is an expression of our feelings toward the recipient and also says something about the gift-giver. A gift shows how much thought and attention to detail has been put into the gift.

Gift Registry Tips

Yes a gift registry makes it a lot easier for you. You don't need to worry about getting three ice buckets (which I got by the way), you can be sure you'll get what you want (or at least 80%) and that most of the gifts go together. The other side of it, of course, is that it makes it easier for the guests. Trying to think of an original wedding gift without any clues is really hard. So bear that in mind as we go through the following tips on getting your wedding gift registry just right.


Only use a handful of stores. It's easier to coordinate between them, avoiding duplication of gifts. Make sure you choose things that are available, and you let the guests know which stores they are, and where they can find the list. I would choose one big department store and a couple of more specialty stores.

It's worth investigating things like return policies at the stores you choose as you are bound to get a few duplicates.


As soon as you announce your wedding it's a good idea to set up a short list in one store. Close friends and relatives may want to buy you something as soon as they hear the good news. Another thing to bear in mind, is that you'll want to get the lists out at least a month before any engagement parties or wedding showers.

In terms of the big day, a six month window will help you and your guests a lot. You can update and add to the list as you get closer to the day, and the guests have plenty of time to choose their gift. One thing to look out for though, is that you don't want anything discontinued, so make sure you review the lists every week or two.

The Gifts

The more gifts you list, the more likely people are to find one they like. So start with a "core" list, and add items as your plans for the weeding and your life together unfold. The more gifts on that list, the more likely you are to get some you like!

Don't be narrow when it comes to list gifts - yes there are the traditional items like kitchenware, appliances, linens, dinner sets etc., but it's worth putting some unusual things on the list too. Computer accessories, DVDs that you both like are a couple of ideas. This will also give a wider price range for those that can't (or won't!) spend a lot.



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