Bridal Registry Ideas

Bridal Registry Ideas

There are important things that you as a bride need to know when creating a bridal registry, such as what to register for, how many stores to register with and the range of prices for the items to be included in the registry.

Think about what items you are going to need for your new house. Dwell on the basics, such as indispensable appliances, formal and casual china, cookware, flatware, crystal, and bed and bath linens.

Making the list should not be hard because registries, whether online or in-store, will give you checklists that contain almost everything you could possibly want. You may not need or want all of the items listed on the checklists, but it will still be able to help you avoid overlooking some items you might forget.

Bridal Registry Ideas

When you register online, however, make sure that "brick and mortar" options are offered by the stores you choose. This is because some of your guests will still prefer shopping for gifts personally or shopping at the stores they are familiar with. Online registries definitely make it more convenient for guests who are out-of-town to shop for their gifts.

Also remember that guests usually have a wide range of budgets. This is the reason why it is important for you to include items with a variety of price ranges in the registry. On making the decision of how many stores to register with, you should consider their needs along with other circumstances such as your geographical location. Usually, a traditional department store will be able to cover all your new household needs as a couple. But you may also opt to register at several stores to cover all the bases and at the same time provide your guests with a wide range of gift items to choose from.

Bridal Registries - What Every Bride Needs To Know

Creating a bridal gift registry is not difficult, but failing to do so could mean big trouble. Here are a few tips that every bride needs to know to avoid some embarrassing moments.

Every bride should create a gift registry. This is easy to do and it also provides your family and friends with specific items that are needed or wanted for your upcoming wedding. The gift registry eliminates the old problem of receiving three toasters, two coffee pots, and five sets of bath towels, all in the wrong color. Opening duplicate gifts at a shower or wedding can be an embarrassing situation for both the gift giver and receiver. Today, most stores, both small and large, have the ability for the bride and groom to create an online gift registry.

The first thing you need to do is begin taking stock of the things you need for your new home. For some couples, just about everything is needed from dishes to rugs to a barbecue grill. However, for couples who are mingling two homes, gift items will be far more select. In either case, you need to determine the gifts you want so people will know exactly what to buy.

Now, once your list is in hand, you want to determine the stores from which the gifts can be purchased. Keep in mind that while there is nothing wrong in choosing some expensive, high-end gifts, you also want to remember the people who will be paying for the gifts. As a result, choose items that you need but also affordable wedding gifts. By mixing the price ranges up, everyone has something from which to choose. However, you also want to maintain your style, as well as colors.

In selecting merchants, you could easily choose a number of retail stores that have thousands of great gifts, all very affordable. On the other end of the spectrum, you could choose a couple of reputable department stores for your crystal or china pieces. The great thing about an online gift registry is that when an item has been purchased from your want list, it shows the item is taken. Therefore, the person buying can then select something else not chosen by another guest. This will avoid an awkward situation, especially at a small or intimate bridal shower, where all your guests are watching you open your gifts.

The types of gifts you can register for is almost endless, from traditional items like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and so on, to less traditional stores like home improvement centers

Here are some other unique ideas you may want to consider:

Causes - allows family and friends to donate to a cause rather than buying actual gifts.

Green Gifts - Some couples are into nature, preferring organic things opposed to inorganic items.

Nature Lovers - Many couples are huge outdoors enthusiasts, loving to camp, backpack, swim, boat, etc.

As you can see, the number of possibilities for gift ideas are vast. However, you need to consider the people that will be attending your wedding or wanting to buy you gifts so you can make practical choices, but also not give up the items you need or want. With so many options, you can have the best of both worlds. Some great tips when registering for your wedding gifts include choosing complete sets, especially for kitchenware and going with specific colors to match your home.

Some of the more common items chosen include - bone and casual china, earthenware, ironstone, tableware, flatware, pots and pans, cutlery, bed skirts, duvets, rugs, towels, shower curtain, blankets, and the list goes on.

In summary, creating a bridal registry will be one of the easier things you will do while planning your wedding, however it's also one of the most important. Don' t take a chance of putting a guest in an awkward situation by skipping this step. Also, choose items you actually need to set up your new home but also gift ideas that people can afford. As a result, you will receive items that that you and your new spouse really need and want and that will fit beautifully into your new home.

How to Create a Bridal Registry List

For a newlywed couple to setup a bridal registry list, simply visiting the department store will initiate the process of setting up your bridal registry. The next step is to inform your guests of a particular bridal party that you are registered at a specific store, so the guests can go to that department store and select from the list of items you have requested. The nice thing about this is everything is organized.

By sitting the newlywed couple down with a bridal registry store employee, the department store is making notes of what the couple will want the guests to purchase for them at the store. What the department store will then have are machines throughout the store that will provide a printout of the items that the couple as requested you as a guest to buy. Once you have selected that particular item, the item is removed from the list and no one else will be able to purchase, forcing them to have to buy another item on the list.

The great thing about this is you as a gust will not have to worry about buying duplicate items for the newlyweds to be. However, this idea is not fool-proof because there are guests in the bridal party that will not want to go to the department store that the couple has highlighted in the invitation, and it is that way that you may run into buying duplicate items. It is always best to try to adhere to the requests of the bridal registry list that they have put in place.

The Top 8 Tips For Creating Bridal Registries

Bridal registries allow couples to receive the items and appliances they need to start their new life together. Guests can celebrate the joyous occasion by bringing the newlywed couple gifts they will cherish for years to come. Here are some tips to help you create the ideal registry for your wedding.

1. Register Gifts Early

Don't wait until the last minute to create your wedding register. The minute you get engaged you should already be creating the list because you will undoubtedly throw a number of different parties prior to your wedding such as your engagement bash. Eliminate guesswork so your guests know exactly what to get you as a gift.

2. Register for Anything You Want

Many couples creating bridal registries feel that they must only register for china, silverware, etc. but nowadays there are many stores out there that have registries. Whether you want electronics, appliances, or even a barbecue grill, don't feel limited to the traditional registry items, particularly if you have already been living together for a while and have a lot of the basics already.

3. Decide on gifts together

It's common to see brides choosing the gifts alone but in order to be sure that you have a house that you both love, make sure to hit the stores together to decide what gifts you want. It can be a unifying experience to decide on gifts together and it will ensure that you are both happy with the way your new home looks and feels.

4. Get Acquainted with the Store's Return and Exchange Policy

It'll be a lot easier to plan and manage your registry if you are aware of what the return and exchage policies and timelines are. It's inevitable that many couples will receive items they realize they don't have a need for or that they aren't the correct model, color, etc. Thankfully stores that have a wedding register are typically very flexible and accommodating to newlyweds.

5. Update Your Registry Often

Anytime you receive a gift, make sure you update your list so your other guests can see what you already have and what you need. Expect to update your registry up to several times a day in the days preceding your wedidng. It's a good idea to list a number of items that doubles the amount of guests that are attending your wedding so they have a variety of items to choose from when gift shopping. As such, it's recommended to continually add items to bridal registries as you approach the big day.

6. Ask for Monetary Gifts Politely

The overall consensus is that it is tacky to ask for monetary gifts. But if you already have all of the items you need to start your life together, consider asking for gift cards instead. Many stores allow gift cards to be a part of your wedding register and you can use them in the future to buy things at your favorite stores. If you absolutely want to ask for money, you could consider telling one of your close friends or family members to spread the word about it rather than asking guests directly.

7. Register Items of Various Prices

Many of the items you really want for your home may cost around $300 but not everyone is willing or able to spend that much cash on a wedding gift. Make sure you include items with a wide range of prices such as items under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200, etc. That way your guests can choose gifts that they can afford. You also want to make sure to have a few expensive items in there too so friends and family members who want to give you a big gift can simply choose one of the pricier items.

8. Give Thanks

Make sure to send all of your wedding guests a thank you card or note for their gifts. You can either send the card a couple weeks before the wedding or within a month after the wedding. Mention the specific name of the gift in your card to make it more personal.



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